April 28, 2017
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    Mamborama - Entre La Habana Y El Yuma
    Cuba Chevere

    By: Ben Ohmart
    Oct 29, 2003

    Artist: Mamborama (
    Title: Entre La Habana Y El Yuma
    Label: Cuba Chevere (

    Founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Bill Wolfer, Mamborama has been featured on the PBS show American Family and has been licensed to several compilation cds, including the recent release, Rough Guide To Latin Jazz. Their music has been played on over 400,000 times, going on half a million by now, because this Cuban music SWINGS. It combines traditional rhythms with some more aggressive elements, such as keyboard sounds and R&B influences.

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    The cd features guest appearances by top Cuban singer Sixto Llorente "El Indio," Manolito Simonet, "Pupy" Pedroso, and Klimax bandleader Giraldo Piloto. It gives mambo a good rap, and contains all the components you want in your Cuban-Latin line- up: percussion to the nth degree, jazz flute, male chorus chanting between the grooving piano syncopation, and a high layer of energy that puts some of these other so-called Name acts to shame.

    You can hear these:
    1. Desde El Yuma
    2. La Gata Loca
    3. Oye Mamborama
    4. Ven A Bailar
    5. ĦEn Cada Barrio, Musica!
    6. Estar En Cuba
    7. Un Perro De Las Calles
    8. Entre La Habana Y El Yuma
    9. Esperando La Luz
    10. La Lucha
    11. Nos Vemos

    at their site, complete with lyrics and pictures of the band. One of the better band sites out there, actually, so definitely check them out. No disappointments in view.


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