July 24, 2017
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DJ Gury Gury

DJ Gury Gury (Gary Verrinder) discovered Salsa music while living and studing Spanish in la habana Cuba. " I lived on the same street as the legendary el Tosco of NG la Banda and would wake up every afternoon listening to the sounds of their rehearsal" say Gury Gury. This inspired him to become involved in the world of Latin music. After moving for a short while to his adopted country Colombia he adopted the name Gury Gury after a television charactor because his family could not pronounce Gary.

He discovered his passion as a DJ, in his basement in the early 80's mixing Duran Duran songs on a 2 track. In 1986 after forming the legendary Toronto Punk Rock label X Records Gary began an internship on CHRY 105.5 FM out of York University. After numourous shows and promotions Gary X, as he was known then, became the music director in 1989. He remained in that postion until 1994 when he also gave up his show and other club DJing duties to travel the world.

Upon returning to Canada in 2001 the Salsa bug had bitten Gury. Viejoteca the radio program was begun on May 1st 2003 on CFRU 93.3 FM after a couple of years of reasearch about the music. Since then Gury Gury has been asked to be the resident DJ at the E-Bar in Guelph Ontario Canada. The Latin Fiesta at the E-Bar has been recognized as the preimir Salsa night in the area by Echo Magazine. Latin Fiesta at the E-Bar is the first three wednesday of every month.

DJ Gury Gury as also DJ'ed at various other events in Colombia, Toronto, Rochester, Kitchner and London.

In September of 2006 Gury Gury launced his 24 hour online radio station on the network. This broadcast features three segments. The top 15 chart of the month which airs everyday at 3pm Eastern Time (New York), Nuevateca airs from 4:30 PM Eastern Time, and the classic Viejoteca airs all other times.

Gury Gury has also been responsible for bringing some great live music the the Guelph region acts suchas Bio Ritmo, Bryan Vargas, Cache, Son Ache, Cassava.

For more information please visit

To book Gury Gury for your event contact Produciones Naranjo at 519-993-8462.

You can listen to Viejoteca on CFRU 93.3FM at:

Archives can be heard at

Viejoteca on Live 365 can be heard at

Broadcast Schedule
Top 15 Chart Every Day 3PM eastern
Nuevateca Every Day 4:30PM eastern
Viejoteca rest of time

Promotional material for airplay may be sent to:
Viejoteca Productions
27 Dunkirk Street
Guelph, Ontario
N1E 4N7


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